Buying A New Car and the art of negotiation

Usually when it is time to buy a new car the task can seem like a game of cat and mouse. You offer the dealer a price and he comes back with what he is willing to sell the car for and back and forth.

The price a dealer will sell a car from has a lot to do with the supply and demand of the car. Each individual make and model is different and if a particular model is rolling off the lot one after another then chances are you will not get to bargain much with the price.

Many times the dealer will hold on to car and sell it only above the sticker price since the demand is so high and the cars are in short supply. But if it is reversed and in your favour than you have some power to bargain and that happens when a car is going from one style to another in the next year or when the new year models start rolling out and there is a large number of existing year models still on the lot taking up space for the newer models.

When it comes time to negotiate you should only do so with the prices of the car. Do not negotiate the monthly payment because they can give you monthly payments that are inflated. Also do not negotiate what the dealer will give you for your trade in if you have one.

Just insist that they give you the final price of the vehicle as if you were there to pay cash all at one time. Make sure everything is kept separate. The price of the car is one thing, the trade in allowance is another and once you get the price they can then give you an idea as to the monthly payments.

Make sure you do not offer what you are going to put down or be persuaded to put anything down until the negotiation for the final price of the car has been complete. If the pressure is too much from a salesman let them know you can look elsewhere and get up and walk out if you must.


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